Corrosion of steel is a common cause of reinforced concrete failure. To deal with harsh marine environments special considerations are often made which include increasing the depth of cover to reinforcement, the use of high performance concretes and the addition of corrosion inhibitors as admixtures. Coatings such as epoxy coated steel as well as concrete sealants and waterproofing agents are available. However, the cheapest, easiest, and most effective way to deal with corrosion of reinforcement is to replace the steel mesh reinforcements with FibreTuff fibres reinforcement.

FibreTuff fibres have been used to reinforce boat ramps, sea walls and many other marine structures. FibreTuff fibres can also be used to reinforce hard stands, precast structures, sea walls, slope stabilisation and pipeline sections.

In harsh marine environments, by using FibreTuff structural fibres, engineers and contractors can eliminate the risk of corrosion, decrease costs, increase productivity, at the same time meet reinforcement, and design life requirements.
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