Advantages & Benefits
For crack-free concrete and plaster Fibrillated Polypropylene Fibres
FibreGuard is a fibrillated polypropylene engineered fibre. Million of micro fibres (FibreGuard) get uniformly dispersed in every cubic meter of concrete and mortar as a micro reinforcement system.
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Reduces more than 88% of plastic shrinkage cracks and settlement cracks (test data available on request).
Reduction in permeability that prevents moisture or water from seeping.
Fibrillated (Mesh) structure ensures better binding and anchoring of aggregates in concrete and mortar.
Distributes localised stresses and increases fatigue resistance.
Reduces unequal bleeding that prevents uneven settling of solids in concrete and enhances cement hydration in fresh concrete, thereby increasing tensile, compressive and flexural strength.
Improves fire resistance in concrete and mortars and reduces risk of spalling in concrete structures.
Increases impact strength and abrasion resistance.