Introducing FibreTuff
FibreTuff Macro Structural Synthetic Fibres are engineered copolymer fibres used for temperature and shrinkage crack control in concrete. FibreTuff is a replacement for crack control steel mesh / Conventional reinforcement in slab on grade applications.

FibreTuff synthetic fibre reinforcement system distributes tens of thousands of fibres throughout the concrete mix. When cracking occurs tensile forces are distributed at the exact point of failure, minimizing crack propagation as a result of temperature and shrinkage strains.
Characteristics of FibreTuff
FibreTuff features a unique continually embossed surface, enabling the fibre to achieve maximum bond with the cement matrix for optimum performance.

Macro Structural Synthetic Fibres are highly resistant to acidic and alkaline environments, thus, they do not require concrete cover as protection against corrosion.